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  • How do I trade my items or services?
    You will search for your needs and make contact with the community member directly and make a deal.
  • What does it cost to trade my items?
    The only cost after membership is possible shipping expense or possible negotiated terms between you and other member.
  • What does it cost me to list my items or services?
    No cost after membership fee.
  • How to trade products or services?
    Simply search for items and contact member or members that match your needs.
  • Can I sell on this site?
    Yes but we hope to keep this where only individuals sell their unwanted items or crafts. Non traditional businesses.
  • Do I pay taxes?
    Generally not on swapped items but, you may if profits occur sales.
  • Can I be removed from site?
    Of course we hope this does not happen, but anyone caught cheating others, fraudulent trades, or any other nuisance will be removed.
  • Can I sell firearms and ammunition?
    No these are strictly forbidden.
  • Can I sell animals and pets?
    Animal's and pets are not allowed to be traded/sold.
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